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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The First Encuentro

I was drawn back to the House of Angels because Chloe told me about the Maya giving workshops in San Miguel. As she related her experiences I observed radiance emanating from her face--she looked as if she were another person, full of tranquility and content with the world.  Was her DNA altering?  Did she also partake in the Jose-inspired massages?

I wasn't interested in the workshop, which for practical purposes was almost over.  However, I was interested in hearing the Maya talk.  Apparently the owner of the House of Angels was a friend and sponsor of the Maya, who was giving a platica at the house in one week.

How lovely to return to the gorgeous premises where I danced my heart out to los Beatles a few weeks before!  Now I was sitting on that same patio, waiting for "A" and the promise of peace that I had observed on Choe's countenance.  Being the good student that I am, I had brought pen and a little notebook to record any interesting facts he might share about 2012.

"A"  was a very scientific and computer-touting Mayan.  Right in tune with the Jose-massages, he spoke about changes at the molecular and atomic level within our bodies.  Claiming to possess sacred knowledge passed down to him from 2500 years of ancestral wisdom, "A" spoke about sun energies, angry people dying on the pyramids when the sun emerged, how important alegria or joy was to our well-being, and how there was a malignant "humo" which affected us negatively.  He stated that ultraviolet rays could activate the DNA changes, and sound could heal us on many levels.  Furthermore, the pyramids were built to clear this spiritual fog, and his mission was to build human pyramids all around Mexico,.  According to "A" planetary forces were going to be  particularly strong in this country.

Since I am now re-reading the notes I took almost a year ago, predominant in my thoughts is how and when my solar plexus began to tighten so greatly that I had trouble breathing.

"Poverty doesn't have to exist"  was the phrase.  How unbelievably interesting.....considering what happened to me afterward.

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  1. i just now got notified in my google reader that you had posted - how weird because i know you were posting all along. anyway, i enjoy reading your writing!